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Thuraya, founded in 1997, is one of the most important satellite mobile communication companies. Its system is based on two latest generation geostationary satellites, whose coverage reaches two thirds of the globe including Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania.

It therefore offers an innovative, flexible and reliable technology to facilitate communications where there is no GSM coverage and guarantees availability from the most remote corners of the world. Thuraya has also entered into GSM Roaming agreements with many mobile operators from all over the world, thus guaranteeing flexibility and savings.

The rates and conditions of use of the service depend on the mobile operator used. Proud to lead innovation, Thuraya has been awarded prestigious international awards for revolutionary products and dedication to innovation. Intermatica has been the reference Manager and Service Provider of Thuraya since 2002 and since 2014 it has acquired the important recognition of Gold Partner Tier 1, becoming the only authorized Partner in Italy.

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Geosat is the satellite terminal, produced by Intermatica and certified by Thuraya, which supports voice services for fixed installations. The terminal, which operates on the Thuraya satellite...

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