Satellite use rules

It should be noted that the introduction of satellite telephones / modems in some countries, such as India, is prohibited or requires special authorizations and that possession of the same could be subject to heavy sanctions by local authorities.

It is therefore recommended to acquire the relevant information in advance from the diplomatic-consular authorities of the country to visit, present in Italy.

For more general information on foreign countries, including those relating to the security situation, we recommend visiting the website

The service is provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and managed in collaboration with the ACI. All cards and notices for travelers who go abroad are based on information deemed reliable and available at the date of their publication and are handled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the ACI within their respective competences.

It is considered appropriate to highlight that the security situations of foreign countries, as well as the regulatory and administrative measures in force in these countries, can quickly vary and that, despite the utmost attention in finding and verifying information, the data are subject to continuous changes and updates.

The information contained on the website can also be acquired through the Telephone Operational Center, active every day (with voice service during the night):

from Italy 06-491115 or 06-491115

from abroad + 39-06-491115 or + 39-06-491115

IRIDIUM - RUSSIA All Iridium Products and Satellite Solutions, if used in Russia, must be registered on the site