Avanti Satellite Operator

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Intermatica expands its offer of satellite telecommunications services with the new InSAT satellite solutions: not only satellite connectivity with MSS - Mobile Satellite Services portable systems, but also VSAT - Very Small Aperture Terminal solutions for fixed or semi-fixed installations. < / p>

For these services Intermatica has chosen a primary partner, Avanti Communications PLC, becoming its virtual network operator for Italy (VNO - Virtual Network Operator). Through this partnership Intermatica is now able to offer new extremely high-performance broadband satellite solutions, available both standard and designed according to customer needs.

Intermatica offers a unique service in the Italian panorama, guaranteeing high quality with maximum flexibility.

Avanti Communications is a company, listed on the London stock exchange, which owns a rapidly expanding satellite network, currently composed of the two geostationary satellites Hylas 1 and Hylas 2. The launch of two other satellites is planned in the next two years, developed in partnership with ESA: in 2015 Hylas 3, the so-called "smart satellite", which provides for the use of coverage areas that can be allocated according to the needs of the market, enhancing the service in some areas rather than others, depending on where it is more in demand in terms of bandwidth; Artemis is expected to be launched in 2016.

InSAT solutions are ideal to satisfy, even in the most remote areas not covered by the traditional network, the ever increasing requests for broadband connectivity. The Avanti satellite network easily covers all of Italy, as well as most of Europe, the Mediterranean countries and some key countries in Africa and the Middle East. This allows to cancel the "digital divide" in Italy, without the need for major investments and especially in very short times, even in the most remote areas. Indeed, the Avanti service requires nothing more than the installation of a small dish, comparable to those used for satellite TV and a modem, making access to internet services simple and immediate.

The Avanti network has several ground stations (gateways) connected together. The primary gateway to Italy is Goonhilly - United Kingdom. The latter is connected via fiber to London's Telehouse East and redundant on a secondary gateway. Upon request, it is possible to activate direct connections on the Avanti network also through the Global Switch One (London), AMX (Amsterdam), Interxion (Frankfurt) and Netscalibur (Milan) telehouses.


Intermatica's InSAT solutions are ideal for meeting the ever increasing demands for broadband and VoIP connectivity, even in the most remote areas, where data services such as ADSL, 3G and LTE are not available.

Thanks to small-diameter antennas of 74 cm and transmitter powers of the order of a few watts, the InSAT solutions are easy to install and allow connections to be made between locations even thousands of kilometers away with high performance (QoS, high reliability and confidentiality) and competitive costs, comparable to those of the classic fixed or mobile network solutions.

internet connectivity


video streaming

access to intranet / extranet networks

IP trunking


M2M services

video surveillance

emergency solutions

back-up solutions

video broadcasting

remote control

InSAT services are highly customizable, modular and scalable, suitable for the most demanding customers, who need an independent network from the terrestrial one.


Satellite services can be used in compliance with local regulations regarding the use of satellite telephone devices.


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