8000. The mountain game

8000.The mountain game

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The new board game by Marco Confortola. By playing, you learn safety in the mountains.

Eight thousand hunter, mountaineering record holder and true lover of the mountains.

The new board game on the Mountain designed by is back on the shelves of toy storesMarco Confortola.

Mountain guide, rescuer and Himalayan mountaineer has created a new board game inspired by his passion for the mountains. After "Challenge to 8,000" here we come "8.000. The mountain game".

the goal of the game is obviously to reach the top of the highest mountains on Earth , but that's not all. The main purpose of Confortola's new creation is to educate about the mountains .

If on the one hand it offers a pleasant opportunity to have fun, perhaps in a bad weather day, on the other hand it can become a useful tool for learning notions and curiosities about the mountain environment , on protected areas and on how to experience the high lands safely. A Game Plan, 6 team tokens, 32 bonus tokens, a die, 224 cards and a few simple instructions. Once the game plan has been assembled, we are ready to leave for the 8000ers.

Each player leads his or her expedition to the top of the mountain, to reach it you have to however answer the questions correctly (200 on the most varied topics related to the high altitude territory: first aid, history of mountaineering, civics, skiing, etc. ) and pay attention to the pitfalls you can run into while climbing.

About a careful planning , a hard training and a demanding search for sponsorship . But not only. You rarely get to the top alone, you have to create a team, share space and trust. You have to work as a team, be a good leader , have the mental strength and physical to move up the mountain setting up ropes , fields and tents, to get your body used to the altitude, before launching the attack and pushing towards the highest point. You also need to know how to be patient , there are no conditions to wait on the wall.

The game is in two languages, Italian / English , to make it international. The idea stems from the process that Marco, with 11 8000m peaks, now knows like the back of his hand. Every time a summit is reached, the climber is aware that that result is the result of months and months of work.

If you are curious to discover this world, breathing the rarefied air around the table at home, or if you think you are the undisputed leader, this is the game for you.

Marco devotes a lot of time to sharing tricks and secrets to better face the mountain, he does not hide his knowledge on the contrary, he has made sharing and teaching his life fundamentals, obviously together with the "hunting for 8000ers".

It is an excellent idea as a Christmas gift , also to educate and excite the little ones with us.

You can find the game in Toys Center stores or on Amazon.


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